Studio A64 Opens Colorado Springs Café With CBD-Infused Menu

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Studio A64, “the original cannabis club” in Colorado Springs, has been operating since February 2013. In 2015, it came under new ownership as Ambur Racek and Wanda Stark took the reins. More recently, A64 was one of a handful of establishments that reluctantly signed up for the city’s new “Marijuana Consumption Club” license that prohibits remuneration for cannabis, cutting off their business model’s primary revenue stream.

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“We honestly don’t want the license or agree with it,” says Racek. “It doesn’t allow us to do reimbursements anymore, which is having any THC products. You can’t take a business that’s thriving and take the main component out of it. … So for us to have to go and change our business model is completely unfair.”

Studio A64 had to adapt to survive, so on Saturday, Aug. 26, the Original Hemp Café was unveiled in the downstairs area of the club at the corner of Wahsatch and Colorado avenues. (Don’t worry, you can still smoke upstairs if you bring your own.)

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Source: Cannabis Business Times

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