West Hollywood Moves Forward With Local Cannabis Regulations

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The West Hollywood City Council last night gave its initial okay to an ordinance that would permit the city to grant up to eight licenses to recreational marijuana stores, eight to medical marijuana dispensaries, eight to lounges offering edible marijuana products, eight to lounges also allowing the smoking or “vaping” of marijuana and eight to locally based delivery services.

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The decision came after a lengthy discussion during which Council members debated whether a City Hall proposal to grant up to eight licenses in each of five categories would mean too many marijuana businesses in WeHo. Council members also debated whether vehicles used to deliver cannabis to customers should be required for security reasons to carry two employees, whether space used for on-site cannabis consumption should be limited to 25% of the retail space, whether the city’s four existing medical marijuana dispensaries should get priority consideration in applying for recreational sales or delivery or on-site consumption licenses and how to create an application approval process that isn’t influenced by money or political connections.

The Council will take a final vote at its next meeting on the ordinance approved last night. The City of West Hollywood must have its own ordinance governing the sale of recreational marijuana in place by Jan. 1, 2018, or such sales will be governed by state law.

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Source: Cannabis Business Times

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